Hands-On Java 2nd Ed. Seminar (Slides + Audio)

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The Hands-On Java Seminar is a multimedia learning experience incorporating more than 15 hours of audio lectures by Bruce Eckel, synchronized with 500 slides of information. This includes all of the lectures from the five-day full-immersion training seminar. The seminar is derived entirely from the second edition of Thinking in Java, so it is an ideal supplement to that book (the HTML version of the book is included in the package). The lectures begin with Java syntax and go all the way through such advanced topics as multithreading and network programming.

For beginning programmers, I've also included the Thinking in C seminar by Chuck Allison, which is over 6 hours of slide + audio lectures that introduce you to programming and get you up to speed on the fundamentals of the C syntax used for both Java and C++.

The best way to find out more about this eSeminar is to download and run the free Preview Package, which contains the first three slides + audio for each lecture. Please do this before purchasing, so you can ensure that the eSeminar fits your needs, and that it works on your machine (you'll need to install a recent Web browser). The eSeminar will work on Windows, Mac and Linux (you should test the free preview package on your device before buying).

Although I was initially hesitant to reconfigure the course for modern
HTML5 browsers, upon reviewing the material I realized that most of it is still relevant for today's new Java programmers, so the course continues to have significant value. To be completely clear: this is the identical content that was published in 2000, but I still think you'll find it beneficial.

I've also dropped the price from the original 50$ plus tax, shipping and handling (for the physical CD), to only 29$ for this electronic distribution (the physical CD is no longer available).

All the lectures in the seminar are self-explanatory, and the first one (Introduction and Overview) describes what to expect throughout the course.

The lectures have been recorded with high-quality sound equipment into MP3 files. Users can also move the sound files to a portable MP3 player for more convenient listening (printable handouts are available in Adobe Acrobat form in the package).

This product is not copy protected so you can easily place it on all your devices. However, it is copyrighted material -- please encourage others to purchase their own copies.
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Hands-On Java 2nd Ed. Seminar (Slides + Audio)

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